What is 1-TO-1 Marketing

1-TO-1 Marketing
Variable Data Printing – VDP

Variable Data Printing enables you to custom-tailor and personalize the content of your marketing material to be relevant, unique and specific to the needs of your audience.

Here are the different forms of how content can be customized within a mailer:


A “one size fits all” marketing message, like an ad in the paper or a catalog. Your marketing message is “mass-produced” using conventional printing and every potential customer will see the same message and the same offer regardless of their relationship or profitability to your company.


Each customer’s name and address will appear on each piece to attract attention but the marketing message is static and exactly the same for each and every customer, regardless of their relationship or profitability to your company. See our Direct Mail Services.

Versional, 1-TO-1 Marketing:

Segmented versions of a document are created to meet the needs of different groups. Your customer base is segmented according to demographic or other attributes, such as a previously expressed interest. For example, investors could be segmented by age, income level, or long-term goals; car owners segmented by the model they own or geographic location could determine the version. Customized content is then delivered that best addresses the needs of each particular segment.

Fully Customized:

Here, at the “Holy Grail” of direct marketing, each document’s content is fully customized to be highly relevant and custom-tailored to a specific individual.

This example shows a fully customized mailer targeting individual Sales Managers on the West coast:

Please call 1-800-342-3282 for a custom quote on a fully customized 1-TO-1 Marketing campaign.

A full color document is dynamically composed and everything in the document can be varied – the layout, text, and images can all be swapped depending on the customer. Sophisticated charts and graphs can be generated automatically and instantly included in a finished document.

The more relevant your message is to each customer, the higher the response rate will be for each marketing campaign. As your response rates increases, so will the return on investment (ROI) for your marketing programs. Truly effective 1-TO-1 marketing requires customized print in addition to the other customized channels you use (email, web, call center, face-to-face).

Sophisticated, accurate data processing is key to the success of direct marketing efforts. It allows for 1-TO-1 interactions with your customers and prospects, an unprecedented level of personalization, and successful campaign resulting in a 15-30% customer response.

Variable Data Printing will deliver the right message and the right image to each and every one of your customers or prospects.

It allows parent organizations to create templates that deliver consistent branding and quality. At the same time, sales agents and re-sellers can vary messaging and images to suit their needs and then implement their own campaigns.

From the “least relevant” way to communicate with a customer through to the “most relevant”.

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