Quick Reference Designer Guidelines

In order to give you the best quality printing possible these guidelines must be adhered to.

File Format:


No other file format will be accepted as ready to print. Remember to flatten your files and convert any fonts to outlines.


All files must be 300 dpi at actual size to be printed. If a file is lower resolution than 300 dpi you will see a decrease in print quality. If a file is higher resolution than 300 dpi you will not see any increase in print quality, your files sizes will be larger (much larger in some cases).

Size and Bleed:

All files need to have a .10 bleed on all sides. For example, if you order a 6x4, your file needs to be 6.2x4.2 in order to accommodate proper cutting, include crop marks if your file is not centered in the space.

All files need to be set up to the size that you would like them to print. Please note that digital and offset printing have different standard sizes due to different press sheet requirements.


Convert files to CMYK. We will convert your job to fit our color profile (Web Coated (SWOP) v2), and will do our best to make sure your colors come out in an eye-pleasing fashion. If color matching is a high concern we will need a hard copy of your project sent to us before the job is printed.