Mailing Terms & Conditions

1. ADG’s General Terms & Conditions apply, please see our Terms and Conditions.

2. The package price includes Design, Printing, Mailing List Setup, Imprinting, Presorting, Post Office Delivery, and free use of our postal permit.

3. The basic postage price is approximated according to First Class or Standard Postage. There is no tax on postage. Your final postage price will be determined by analyzing your mailing list for the lowest possible rate. You must prepay basic postage, we will then credit your account or refund any difference in price, according to your final mailed pieces.

4. We provide accurate, current, high quality data in every list. While mailing lists are updated and certified by USPS each quarter, lists may have up to a 5-10% return. Please request adding “or current resident” to your addresses to help reduce returns. ADG will not refund postage on returns.

5. Your project will be addressed and mailed same day or 1 or 2 business days after your approval, unless otherwise instructed.

6. A certified printed report is provided with each mailing for verification of mailed pieces.

7. All mail pieces are imprinted directly with the addresses and our postal permit. No labels or stickers are used.

8. When you use our permit number, we must take your mailing to the Post Office, this service is included in the price.

9. All mailing lists purchased from ADG are limited to a one time use only.

Thank You for considering ADG Printing!