How to Start a Direct Mail Campaign?

Grow Your Business with Direct Mail Postcards. Direct mail is profitable in gathering new customers and ensuring repeat business... read more...

Introducing Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) from the post office.

Reach every customer in your neighborhood without mailing addresses or mailing permits for
only 20 cents per piece.

Attract New Customers, Start a Direct Mail Campaign
Without Spending a Fortune

Your Quick Start Guide:

  1. Schedule a Monthly Plan
  2. Set Your Marketing Budget
  3. Select a Target Market
  4. Buy a Mailing List (FREE with your first order, enter CODE: FREELIST)
  5. Call for a mailing list quote: 1-800-342-3282 ext. 15 or email our mailing department
    You can look up and purchase mailing lists by Zip Code, Radius, Business Type, New Homeowners, or Demographic at
  6. Create Your Brand Identity with Postcards, Flyers or Brochures
  7. Add Value Coupons
  8. Be Consistent
  9. Make Contact 4-7 Times
  10. Measure Your Results

You don’t have to spend a fortune for dazzling designs to create a winning campaign.

We Can Help!

Quick Start Special $296


  • 1/2 Hour Marketing Consultation
  • 500 6x4 Postcard Layout/Design
  • Full Color Printing
  • FREE Zip or Radius Mailing List for up to 2500 addresses
  • Mailing and First Class Postage for first 500 6x4 cards

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