Mailing Certifications:

We are an Authorized USPS Mailing Center, CASS and PAVE Certified, our mailing software program is updated every quarter to ensure the accuracy of the addresses.

CASS Certification is: (Coding Accuracy Support System)

BAR CODING for postal discounts, correcting Zip codes, adding Zip+4 and delivery point.

PAVE Certification is: (Presort Accuracy Validation & Evaluation)

Presort list for best postal rate Documentation for USPS of presorting. You will receive a copy once the mailing is done.

Database Management Includes:

  • Update, sort and barcode your current mailing list to get the best possible postage rate.
  • List Standardization & Certification of Automation Compatibility by using USPS approved mailing software, updated with every mailing.
  • A) CASS Certification
  • B) PAVE Certification
  • First time setup of your list
  • Update or delete your existing list

Mailing List Available: See Mailing Lists for more details

  • By ZIP CODE or Radius: $25 up to 2600 Addressed to: “Current Resident” or “Occupant”
  • Residential Leads Addressed by name or demography, see our Price Guide
  • Business Leads by SIC Code or Yellow Pages Heading: $50/M
  • Please see our Price Guide for complete pricing
  • Mailing lists purchased from us are for a one time use only